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Episode 12 - David Marshal - TM Terrain

August 14, 2021

This episode sees us return to Gods Own County after a trip round the world in the last episodes.

Todays guest is David Marshall who runs the company TM Terrain. He is an outstanding terrain maker and very kindly gave up his time to chat about how he got interested in the terrain aspect of our hobby as well as talking about his techniques and methods.

We had a cheeky idea to visit Games Workshop, buy the smallest thing in the store and then when asked what we were into, we would reply with the most obscure army we could think of, surely a game all the family could play.

David is most famous for working with the Perrys to produce the awe inspiring Agincourt Display which is now in the Royal Armouries here in Leeds and we of course chat about how that amazing piece of work came about.

I've failed again to come in under two hours, David had more than one question for me at the end of the show and we ended up talking Big Games for a bit longer, whats wrong with that !

Thanks again for listening, I hope you enjoy.

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

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